Review by Ajoy Krup


Traveller's Point planned the perfect trip for us! The attention to detail and ability to cater to our tastes/needs was incredibly impressive.

They know Bali inside and out and provide the best insider and local recommendations. We loved every second of our trip!

Review by Dalip Singh


Thanks Traveller's Point for your guidance. Even though I’ve traveled and lived in Baku (eons ago!), it was really helpful working with you.
I would absolutely utilize your services again.

Review by Suranjan Chakraboty


Thank you so much for arranging our travel!

It was such a wonderful time and I can’t wait to go back to Turkey. It wouldn’t have been this amazing experience without your help.

Everything worked out perfectly and the schedule was spaced out and paced in a way that allowed us to explore some things while never feeling lost. The guides were all top-notch.

Review by Rajeev Sharaf


Traveller's Point helped us arrange three wonderful weeks in Kenya & South Africa!!!!!!!

We visited seven different locations in the country which required someone (not me, thank goodness) to arrange all the travel, hotels, and transfers – not to mention the actual fun stuff like tours of local sites, unique food tours and even a shopping guide.

It was a good mix of seeing the major sites but customized to our interests with some ‘off the beaten path’ experiences thrown in (like a private tea with a geisha).

I know these days you can do all kinds of research on the internet yourself, but to be honest, who has time? I always found myself researching everything to death and being paralyzed by too much information.

This was my first time using a travel agent/guru and I’m forever spoiled by it.

Review by Diviyang Cheda


We absolutely loved our trip. I fell in love with Tokyo and am secretly hoping I can convince my sister or friend to visit soon so I can go with them to see more of the neighborhoods we missed this time around.

Each guide was very, very well-matched with the type of tour they gave. After each tour it was undeniable that we got more out of the experience by having an expert with us.

Review by Sabrina Mehta


With the memories of our trip to Switzerland still with us, we’d like to thank you for organizing a wonderful trip. Everything worked beautifully. You listened well to our requests and put together an excellent itinerary.

Review by Subrat Basu


First of all, it was fabulous. We had such a wonderful time!

You accommodated us so well with all different kinds of activities and were very responsive to our needs. I have worked with other very large companies, and I really appreciated the kind of personal attention you get with a smaller operation.

Japan is so modern, yet so culturally different than the other countries. It was an amazing and enlightening experience. We will highly recommend you to all of our friends!

Review by Rajesh Rajan


I have to say how impressed I am with all of you and your company. We definitely felt like it was the best experience we have ever had and we could not have done it with you.

Your attentiveness was amazing and we always felt safe. Honestly you did such a great job that there is nothing you could have done better in my eyes.

I really enjoyed talking to the guides about the history and culture and they were all very knowledgeable. Richard enjoyed their knowledge on the local cuisine of course.

Review by Prakash Pol


My wife and I cannot say enough great things about Traveller's Point. They planned the greatest trip for us, with special attention to our particular interests and desires.

If you’re looking for a full service trip planning team, where every single aspect is curated perfectly, you need to work with them.

Review by Judy Nawalkar


Traveller's Point has made our trip to Japan brilliant and totally unforgettable.
Thank you very much for giving us this great trip! Wow! We still can’t stop talking about it.

Review by Frank R.Costa


You organized a great trip.

The hotels, guides, train connections, etc were outstanding, and everything came off very smoothly.

We are probably going to visit Japan again in a couple of years, especially Hokkaido, and will have you arrange our trip.

Review by Betsy and Richard


We had the most wonderful time in Hungary!!!! What a perfect weekend excursion. Many thanks for all of your help.

Review by Srinivas Gowra


Thank you Tasneem. Our trip was fabulous. We have wonderful memories that will be with us forever..........

Review by Sonia Shah


Tasneem we just got back and had a wonderful time! Thank you for everything.

Review by Jim C. and Maura S.


We returned last night from our wonderful trip to Spain! We can’t thank you enough for all your assistance in making this trip happen for Jim and I.

Review by Rakesh Iyer


Our tour guide Jack was great! The group really enjoyed being with him. The trip has been excellent so far of us in Belgium!!!!!!!

Review by Ashtunam G


Thank you so much again for a trip! I will always be grateful for your help in all of the planning!

Review by Russell S


Tasneem, The trip was fantastic. We were fortunate to only have 6 people total on the tour. Meir Elia was outstanding, an excellent tour guide and I would recommend him highly. Everything else went tremendously well. You were outstanding as well, I will be passing on your contact info to anyone who asks.

Review by Marléné & Philip


Just want to thank you for the fantastic trip that we have just experienced! Overall, the experience for everyone was over the top! I want to particularly thank and commend you, Tasneem, for always being available and incredibly professional in the midst of unfathomable hardships. On behalf of Philip and myself, we wish to thank you for making the dreams of so many a reality. We look forward to, Gd willing, working with you again in the future.

Review by Collins Mathews


Overall, an enjoyable and interesting experience. I am even more impressed by the Israelis themselves, what they have created and how they defend themselves and their interests. Just remarkable! I thought our guide was just superb. Very informative, he quoted Old and New Testament sources and phrases that, with the occasional music added, brought a nice touch to it all. But, in all my years of travels, I cannot think of another guide who was more informed about his subject: the varied Middle East past and so up to date with current events. A real gem! Overall, a job well done.

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